Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas! and Happy 8 month birthday!

At this time last year, we had just found out that our baby was a boy, but also about his hydrocephalus.  We had lots of questions and Christmas just didn't sparkle very much last year.  But this year was much more fun for all, including the beautiful and happy little boy that turned out to be Jacob.  God is good!

We traveled to Annie's parents in Port Angeles again for the holidays, joined by Great Grandpa Corson and Uncle Steve.  The three of us opted for the family focused Christmas Eve service at 5:30pm, instead of the late-night candlelight service.   Santa left lots of gifts for us all, but especially Jacob, including some new clothes, toys, and eating utensils.  Our Christmas meal was delicious, as usual (Annie's favorite meal of the whole year).  The pork roast was literally as big and long as Jacob!  We will celebrate with Matt's family on the 30th where I'm sure Jacob will be spoiled again.

Jacob loves to read! And Grandma is happy to help.
On the development front, Jacob continues to progress with the help of physical therapist, Laura.  He's sitting up more and getting much stronger.  Now we are working on him getting used to being on his tummy and his knees.  Jacob is also eating lots of new foods, from peas and carrots to apples and pears.  His favorite is sweet potatoes and prunes.  He is now just over 28" and 19lbs 5oz--a hefty load for Dad to carry him in the car seat carrier. 

Today, Jacob received his helmet.  This will help continue shaping his head and provide the best space for his brain to grow.  Fortunately, the surgery corrected a large portion of his head shape, so he will hopefully only have to wear the helmet for a few months.  He looks like a little race car driver!  He'll start wearing it for just a few hours a day, but will be up to 23 hours/day within a week. 

Still no news on selling our house.  We had an offer in early December, but they withdrew after we countered the offer.  God knows the best time and place for us and will make it happen. 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We count you, our friends and family, among our many blessings this year.