Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Still waiting...

Several of you have asked how things are going and if there's any new news. Well, nothing new to report as of yet. Our next ultrasound is Tuesday 2/16, so we'll see how things are going then. You can be praying for an optimistic outcome then.

We also made a consult appointment with a pediatric neurosurgeon, who we'll see in March. We just want to know what kind of procedures we're looking at, if there's anything else we can do before he's born, and a bit more of what to expect when he's born. Like will he be whisked away to surgery immediately after birth? Or can we wait a few days? Will he have to stay in the NICU? All of these are possibilities and we may not know any of it until it actually happens. But we feel like the more prepared we can be, the better.

We continue to work on getting things ready for the baby's room, slowly but surely. I'm excited to be working with some friends who are hosting baby showers for us too. It really helps to focus on the normal stuff in getting ready for a baby. He is also definitely rounding out Annie's figure and providing constant reminders of his presence in flutters and jabs, which Matt can even feel in the middle of the night sometimes. That part is fun.

We promise to post more news after the ultrasound next week. As always, we appreciate your prayers and support through all of this. We couldn't do it without you!

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