Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jacobs first road trip.

Jacob went to the Doctors on Thursday and his weight is up to 10 pounds 8 ounces!  He is doing great.  He is tracking really well with his eyes and makes eye contact every time we feed him.  He is getting stronger every day.

Well Jacob is now five and a half weeks old and we are on our first road trip.  We left on Friday morning and went up and had lunch with Annie's brother Steve at his work and then left for Spokane.  Jacob did really well on the trip and only was fussy as we were going over the pass.  We got to Spokane around 7:30 where we met with much of Matt's family and stayed with his Uncle Stu and Aunt Dorothy.  We Spent Sat. in Spokane and met a few of Matt's friends and some more family.  Sun. morning we will leave early for the Okanagan Valley, where we will spend Sun. night, Mon., and Tues. morning up there doing some wine tasting and showing off Jacob.  We will then spend Tues. night outside of Winthrop.  Then drive along the north cascades highway and spend the Wed. night with Annie's grandfather on Camano Island.  Finally we will get home on Thursday and get back to our normal lives.

We will try and keep posting as we go along, but finding internet access is sometimes kind of tricky.  As it is where I'm sitting the internet keeps dropping me, so I may not even be able to post this!

Hope you all are doing well and thanks for taking time to keep up with what we and (more importantly) Jacob are up to.

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