Sunday, March 27, 2011

11 months and counting!

My oh my, how the days, weeks, and months fly by.  Jacob is 11 months old today!  Soon we will be celebrating his 1st birthday!

Life has been pretty boring around here, since we are still living amid boxes as we await the finale of our house sale.  That has been a roller coaster, to say the least.  What it means for Jacob is he is stuck playing with the same toys and sleeping in the pack'n'play and outgrowing his clothes as all the extra items are packed away. 

The major excitement of the month came during the week of March 7th.  We all came down with a GI bug, but Jacob got the worst of it.  He was throwing up quite a bit.  We talked to the pediatrician, then the neurologist who advised us to go to the ER.  We had just been there a week and a half prior!  But they take vomiting very seriously in kids who have shunts in their brains, as it can be a sign that it is malfunctioning.  After a few hours in the ER, the doctors agreed it was probably a virus and sent us home with strict instructions to come back if anything got worse.  Well, he kept throwing up, so back we went.  That's TWO trips to the ER in 24 hours!  Not a feat we want to achieve again.  It all resolved on its own with the help of a steady stream of Pedialyte.  Thank goodness! 

Jacob has more appointments than the rest of the family combined.  Matt does a great job of keeping the schedule up to date.  Jacob will be participating in a physical therapy workshop this coming week, which means he'll get an hour of PT every day.  We have also been evaluated by a State program called Birth to Three.  Happily, Jacob tested very well in most areas (fine motor skills, social and cognitive development), but is behind in gross motor skills and communication.  This program will provide free services in the home, which will be nice for us all.  We also found out a couple of weeks ago that Jacob's head shape is coming along very nicely.  He only has to wear his helmet at night now!  We have also decided not to have the second surgery done on his head.  As you can see from these pictures, we think he's perfectly cute the way he is!

Otherwise, Jacob continues to be a happy little guy, especially when Cheerios are in front of him.  He has 3 teeth on the top and the bottom, with two more coming in.  We had fun celebrating Nico's 1st birthday this weekend. They already have fun playing together and I'm sure they will get into much more trouble as they grow up.

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