Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Good News!

We got the full results of the amniocentesis today (well, as much as can be left on a voicemail). The great news is that they found no abnormal genetic markers and no infectious causes! That's pretty much the best news yet!

There is still the possibility of a rare genetically linked cause, but they don't test for that routinely. We may opt to have that done (if our insurance company approves it). But even if that test was positive, then 50% of the babies do just fine and the other 50% have pretty severe issues. We won't know any of that until he's born anyway. It would also tell us if I was a carrier, which could put future baby boys at risk.

Anyway, praise God for answered prayers so far! We'll continue to pray for the hydrocephalus to resolve on it's own, or at least stay the same.


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  1. Glad to read the good news, Matt & Annie. I just heard about this last night. Not being the praying type, I'll just think good, positive thoughts! Love to you both, Sherry.