Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hospital day 1

Jacob's surgery finished about 1pm yesterday and they moved him into the ICU.  He looks way better than we expected!  (The swelling may still happen over the next couple of days).  There's a drain coming out of his head to collect the oozing blood and he's got a big net cap on.  Both sets of grandparents stayed with us through the afternoon and then said their goodnights. 

Mom and Dad left the hospital about 5:30pm, nearly 12 hours after we got here.  We literally got home and climbed into bed, skipping dinner or anything else.  Both of us have been fighting colds and really needed the sleep.

Back to the hospital this morning, this time with the sun up.  Jacob was starting to wake up when we got here, so was a little fussy.  Matt and I have both been able to hold him, as well as feed him, which makes for a happier family.  Just a few minutes ago, the nurse disconnected his IV fluids and pain medicine--one more step towards freedom!

Jacob will likely stay in the ICU through the day and overnight again, mainly because the regular floor is crowded (this is the same thing that happened in the NICU after he was born!).  But he is comfortable and in good hands.  We even got a couple of smiles from him today.  If all goes well, he could go home by Saturday!

Thank you again to all of you who are praying with us and thinking about us.  We can feel the love!  And thanks to those friends who are bringing food by too.  We love you!

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