Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Surgery Day

 This morning we got up at 5 to get Jacob to the hospital for his surgery.  He's wasn't too happy since he hadn't eaten anything since 1 in the morning so by 5 he was pretty hungry and wanted to eat.  We got to the hospital around 5:30 and they showed us to our surgery prep room.  Jacob was happy and had given up on being hungry by that point so it was nice to have some time with him.  Then they came in and tried 3 different times to get enough blood for a blood test and to set an IV.  He screamed through that and looked like a tomato, very angry and very hungry!!  Once that was all done it took a while to calm him down and then we waited...and waited...and waited.  They had to get the blood type and get some blood ordered (for a transfusion) before they would even let him in the OR.  When they finally had the type and the order in they decided that they needed to have the blood in hand before they would even start.  Finally a little before 9 they took him back to the OR.

Now we are in the surgery waiting room.  We just got an update from one of the OR nurses--the surgery is underway and going well so far.  She said Jacob didn't even cry when they got there; he was smiling and entertained by the silly OR staff.  Looks like surgery will be done sometime between 12 and 1.  Then to the ICU.  Both sets of grandparents are here waiting with us too. 

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