Monday, April 26, 2010

...and he's coming TOMORROW!

(Duplicate of email I just sent out, but for those of you who follow in Facebook or the blog, here's the scoop.)

Hi everyone! Plans have changed as of 2:30 this afternoon. Sorry for the mass email, but we just don't have time to call everyone.

We're are checking in to the hospital tomorrow morning at 8am, with the OR booked for 10am for the C-section. After an ultrasound and OB visit today, the doctor recommends getting baby boy out now. We are both still healthy and this is not an emergency, but there are greater risks to the baby and to me if we keep waiting 2 more weeks. I am 37 weeks now, which is considered full term, so there are few risks of premie type issues.

As of this morning's ultrasound, he was estimated at 10lbs 5oz (+/- 20%!) and he is laying breech across my belly. Since the largest part of him (huge head) will come out last, there is additional risk for healing complications to me and concerns that he just might not fit in there anymore.

So it's time! We are definitely not ready, but will be with what we've got. I spent the last 4 hours of my work day wrapping up very loose ends and handing off info to those who are taking over for me. Matt's parents arrived back from Mexico last night and were here with us today. They helped tidy the house and get some baby clothes/sheets washed and ready to go.

Please pray for a safe and "easy" surgery tomorrow, for rest tonight (whatever we can get), for me to be able to release work stuff, and most of all, for the safe and healthy delivery of our baby boy.

We look forward to our next email in which we can announce his arrival and name. :)

Much love and many thanks to you all!!

Annie & Matt

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