Monday, April 19, 2010

Just 3 weeks to go!

Every day brings us one day closer to meeting our baby boy. That thought is both exciting and anxiety-inducing. Annie is definitely getting to that stage where she's tired of being pregnant. But there's still so much to do! So we are grateful for 3 more weeks to prepare.

We had another OB appt today and everything is looking good. His heartbeat continues to be strong and they put on the fetal monitors today to check for heart rate, movement, and contractions. All were within normal, which is great news. We reviewed the plan for the c-section, visiting family and friends etc. And we also found out that he's going to be a BIG boy, not just his head. At our ultrasound 2 weeks ago, his estimated weight was 7 lbs 12 oz. At this stage they put on just under a pound a week, so we are very likely going to have at least a 9 lb baby! Thank goodness Annie's having a C-section!!

We had another baby shower last weekend and were blessed with more gifts and great friends. Matt's friend Wendy even flew out from Ohio to visit us for the shower. She gave Matt a great fleece vest called "Dad-gear" which has pockets for all kinds of baby supplies. Awesome!

We are definitely beginning to feel more prepared. In fact, tonight we put up the wallpaper border in the nursery and it looks great. We bought a super cool stroller on sale at REI and the car seat is on its way. Birthing classes have been helpful--we got to tour the birth center last week. Just 2 more classes to go and supposedly we'll be ready to give birth and become parents.

Prayers continue for strength and energy during these last few weeks, as well as for no early labor. Matt's parents begin their trek North from Mexico tomorrow, so they will be in our thoughts and prayers too. It's been great to see many of you at our recent baby showers. And for those of you who we haven't been able to see, blessings on you as well!

We love you!

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