Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 5

Another great day for little Jacob. He had his skull cap and dressings removed early this morning so we were greeted with our little boy with a full head of hair. He had two of his biggest feedings today, which gave the doctors and nurses enough motivation to take him off of his IV!! He now only has the heart monitor and breathing rate monitor, so only 3 wires left (why those two things require three wires is beyond me?). They said they may take out his central line tomorrow.

Grandma and Grandpa came by today and so did Aunt Stephanie. Stephanie hasn't seen him since the day he was born and when she saw him she exclaimed "Is that the right child?" His head is much smaller and without the air tubes and all the other leads that they had coming out of him on his first day of life, he does look like a very different baby. Aunt Stephanie got to hold him, which was very exciting for her.

Jacob also had some snuggle time with mom this morning. He was very content and very happy to snuggle with mom.

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