Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

What a beautiful first Mother's Day!  We got up in the morning and got ready for church.  It was Jacob's first appearance at church and he was the center of attention for sure!  It was wonderful to finally be back with our community who has been praying so much for us and to introduce Jacob to the church.  He slept through the whole service, of course. 

In the afternoon, we all took naps while watching the Mariners game.  A Sunday nap and a Mariners win--the perfect mother's day gift for me! 

Matt's parents brought dinner fixings and we enjoyed our first meal of the season out on our deck.  Matt and Jacob gave me some great Mary Kay treats and we capped off the evening with strawberry shortcake.  A great day!

This week, we have several doctor's appointments for both Jacob and Annie and fewer visitors planned.  We are looking forward to getting into a more normal routine, if such a thing exists with a newborn. 

Jacob is now ready for his "brunch" feeding.  Matt just said "it's all about the food!  You are SO your mother's son!"  Yes, the foodie gene has been passed on.  :)

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