Monday, May 3, 2010

On our way...

We all got a pretty good night's sleep last night, with a couple of interruptions for Jacob's lab draw and ultrasound.

So far today, he has been visited for his newborn hearing screen, the physical therapist for a baseline evaluation, the NICU nurse, the neurosurgeon's office, and the lactation specialist. Whew! But he has passed all his tests and we are just waiting on the last couple of things to happen before we go home. If all goes well, we should be on the road home early this afternoon!

Hooray! Yippee! Next post and pictures from the ride home from the hospital.


  1. Actually, it's me, Stephanie. I finally figured out how to make a comment. I'm thrilled that Jacob is home tonight. He's been a trooper as have the two of you. I do want to hear about the particulars of the tests, but that can wait. Congratulations on being a family in your own home.

  2. Hello Matt and Annie, I love your blog. It is so great that "these days" we can be in touch in such an easy way. What a cutie little Jacob is! Annie, your mother is a rock and she will be such a help in these first days. I send my love and big strong hugs. Love, Betsy Robins