Monday, May 3, 2010

We're Home!!

It was an amazing day. It all started in our little room at the hospital. It was great to spend the night with little Jacob; we all had a great night and we got more sleep than I thought we would. Jacob went back into the NICU for an ultrasound around 4:30 AM.

At a more reasonable hour several people came into the room to do tests on Jacob. He had a hearing test and the physical therapist came in to check him out. Finally the assistant of the neurosurgeon came in and told us that the ultrasound looked really good and that we could take him home today. We were overjoyed!!

We got out the car seat and he had to spend an hour in it while hooked up to the monitors to make sure that it wasn't causing him any undue stress. He passed that test and we were able to leave.

We came home and Annie's dad met us when we got here. He hasn't seen Jacob in several days and he was able to hold his grandson for the first time. What a proud moment!

Then Annie's mom came visiting. She is going to be staying with us for a while (and we are very thankful for the help) and was also able to hold her grandson.

Now we are sitting at home and Jacob is sound asleep (finally) on his grandmothers shoulder. We are all about ready to turn in for a short sleep.

The next chapter in our adventure begins--A Day in the Life with a Newborn. Stay tuned for updates! Although they may be less frequent since we don't have the relative peace of the hospital and endless support from fabulous nurses at our fingertips, which allowed us to focus completely on Jacob. But we'll figure this balance out together.

With much love, joy, and thanks for your prayers,
Matt, Annie & Jacob

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  1. I'm loving the pictures! Thanks for sharing and we're continuing to pray for the transition into being parents of a newborn. The reports on Jacob are very encouraging! Love you guys!