Saturday, May 8, 2010

Special visitors

Lynn and Leigh headed back to Enumclaw this morning, after helping with some clean up around the house.  After doing many loads of Jacob's laundry, we realized our hamper was full to the brim as well, so we started in on that. 

This afternoon, we had three special visitors.  Great Auntie Stephanie and Great Uncle Avery came to see Jacob.  Stephanie has seen Jacob several times, but this was Avery's first visit.  Jacob enjoyed his afternoon meal while resting comfortably in their laps. 

Just as Steph and Ave were leaving, Annie's Grandpa pulled up.  A sleeping Jacob greeted him at the door and he quickly settled in to Great Grandpa's lap.  He is so proud of his first great grandchild!  And we are so glad Grandpa could come to visit today, as he represents all of our grandparents.  He shared memories of Annie's dad as a baby, more than 60 years ago.  Times have changed, but babies are still special. 

Grandpa took us out to dinner (Jacob slept through the whole thing) and now we are back at home settling in for the evening.  And the Mariners have even scored some runs!  A great day indeed. 

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