Sunday, May 2, 2010

We started today with a call from the NICU, they said that during rounds the doctors took a look at Jacob and because he was doing so well we could spend the night with him. For that reason we are now back at the hospital in a room with Jacob!! We are sure that we will not get a full nights sleep, but we are sooo happy to be with Jacob. We also know that they are going to be taking him sometime between 2 and 4 AM to go get another ultrasound on his head. They just want to make sure that the shunt is installed correctly and that it is working (which anybody can see that it is).

His central line has been taken out and he is off all the monitors, he is a free man. So tonight is our first night in the big world outside the NICU. It is comforting knowing that if there is a problem several nurses are a phone call (and 20 feet) away, but at the same time they are giving us our space to be with our son. This is the next (and hopefully the last) step before we get to bring our beautiful boy home.

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